Vendor-neutral AI Platform for hospitals to procure, integrate, and monitor AI

The first enterprise-wide AI Platform for hospitals to buy, deploy and monitor in-house and 3rd party AI applications in one place
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Clinical Risk Management of AI

Monitor data quality, AI prediction shifts, and concordance with human experts

Vendor-neutral marketplace

We do not operate as a reseller nor do we have exclusivity with any partner

Access to federated Evaluation

Collaborate with leading healthcare institutions across the globe for testing and validating new AI products

Cost effective

Reduce cost of AI application integration to zero. Simple platform fee covers hosting, integration, and monitoring.


Market discovery

View tested and compliant AI applications in a single marketplace. Our marketplace provides access to empirical data on AI performance allowing you to make an informed decision.


Ensure all aspects of in-house and 3rd party applications meet the right threholds to be deployed safely

Zero bias

Procure AI through our platform and we will handle contracting, legals and payments.

We allow the AI vendor and hospital to independently set the terms including price, ensuring we remain as independent as possible.

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Operationalise in-house and 3rd party applications through a single managed estate. No need to handle separate configurations or installations

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Support for all AI applications across the hospital