Our Vendor-Neutral Platform Facilitates Seamless Integration and Deployment onto Hospital Systems

Key Terms

Zero Listing Fee - we only take a commission if you make a sale

No exclusivity restrictions - you can still complete a contract with the healthcare provider outside of our framework agreement at no cost

Simple capped commission - we charge a percentage of the contract value agreed between you and the healthcare provider which is capped annually

Other services - we can help you with a range of services, such as product evaluation, business and use-case development and risk management training then contact us


Deploy and Integrate

Take away the pain of installations. We work on 'just-in-time' onboarding meaning integrations only need to happen when you have a sale

Near-real time visibility of AI Performance

Observe AI risks and benefits with your AI. We also cover 1st and 2nd line support on your behalf


Work with our hospital partners to commission a formal evaluation of your AI with full Clinical Safety Officer sign-off on reports

Post-market piloting

Comply with regulatory requirements and measure your AI performance across a global network of hospitals

Easier route to market

Leverage our existing agreements with hospitals to speed up procurement. We  handle billing and contracts on your behalf. 

prototype safely

Build confidence in performance of early versions of your AI by running in 'shadow mode' on real data