HIMSS Europe 2024, Rome, Italy
May 29, 2024
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It’s nearly HIMSS Europe 2024 in Rome, where our CEO Haris Shuaib will be talking on the panel 'Reversing Conventional Wisdom - Is Digital Maturity Necessary for AI?' with Shankar Sridharan, Ana Prado, and Yann-Mael Le Douarin on Thursday 30 May at 12pm.

Why are we still held back by outdated technology in healthcare? Why do we insist every technological issue is resolved before we can move forward with AI? This mindset, rooted in the nirvana fallacy, stifles innovation.

The potential benefits of AI in healthcare are too significant to delay its adoption until all legacy issues are resolved. In fact, many successful AI implementations have occurred in environments that are far from digitally perfect. It's time to rethink our approach and consider the practicalities of deploying AI amidst existing technological constraints.

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